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  2. 熊本地域の地下水
  3. くまもと地下水財団とは
  4. 事業内容
  5. 参加メニュー
  6. くまもと育水会会員について
  7. 各種補助金
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  11. English



Kumamoto is famous for pure groundwater. When we turn on the faucets, we can drink it. It is a great thing, isn’t it?
However, yield of groundwater is decreasing little by little. We cannot leave the thing as it is.
Kumamoto Groundwater Foundation is launched to protect groundwater of Kumamoto and the staff has done various things for saving groundwater.
There is a leaflet and a brochure of English version in Kumamoto Groundwater Foundation below.
If you want to know about pure groundwater of Kumamoto and our work, please have a look.